Aerowing are rare Pokémon resembling flying serpents. They are thought to be one of the few pure-Flying Type Pokémon in the world. It evolves into Aeronix with use of a Dawn Stone.



Aerowing is a white-feathered serpent-like Pokémon. It has an indigo ruff around the base of its skull, and a similarly-coloured feather at the tip of its tail. It is roughly 13 feet long with a wingspan of 26 feet. Its wings are like those of a bird's. It has two short horns growing out of the back of its head, pointing upwards and a dragon-like face. The feathers on its forehead, jaws and torso are longer and fluffier. Its eyes are large and usually indigo.

Due to the shape of its skull and body, it is thought to be distantly related to Aerodactyl and Charizard.

Gender DifferencesEdit

A male Aerowing has a larger, more ornate tail feather.

Special AbilitiesEdit

Aerowing mainly uses its large wings to battle. It is skilled at using support and healing moves, notably learning Morning Sun at a low level.

They are capable of staying in flight for long periods of time, around 48 hours or even longer, but due to their sleeping schedule, they only resort to this in emergency situations. They are also very quick and intelligent.


Aerowing are social creatures, typically living in groups of up to 20. They are diurnal and are only active at dawn, sleeping for the rest of the day. During the time they are awake, they hunt for prey and survey their territory. If they discover a threat, they will report back to their fellows and band together to frighten the intruder away. They dislike fighting.

Though very few Aerowing are in the care of trainers (due to their difficult-to-access habitats), they are known to be extremely affectionate and loyal Pokémon. They seem to prefer being in parties of Flying Pokémon, perhaps missing their wild lifestyles. They can be lazy during the afternoon and night - definitely a Pokémon suited for early birds.


Aerowing live in remote, quiet jungles far from human influence. They are usually only seen flying above the forests at dawn.


Aerowing are carnivores, feeding on small mammals, reptiles and birds.


Species: Flying Serpent Pokémon

Type: Flying

Height: 13'01"

Weight: 126 lbs

Abilities: Keen Eye, Unburden

Gender Ratio: 40% Male, 60% Female


Aerowing evolves into Aeronix with use of a Dawn Stone.


  • Aerowing's design has barely changed since it was first created.
  • Aerowing was originally planned to be a Light/Flying Type, however the Light Type doesn't exist so Aerowing was changed to pure-Flying.


Aerowing is based on the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl, which is sometimes depicted as a feathered serpent. It also has traits of an angel.

Name OriginEdit

Aerowing is simply a portmanteu of the prefix "aero" (flight, air) and "wing".


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