banetasert is a little purple fellow who lives next to pond. theres only one and it migrates in the summer to northern territotries . because it cant take the heat. he cant hear through his ears but he can hear out of his tail-big purple orb. his species got wiped out when they atempted to stay for the summer. that only lasted a week. scientists belive its related to maril but i doubt that. its tail can poisan any pokemon in a second. he`s also a cutiepie. banetasert has curved teeth so it dosn`t hurt, he uses them to eat wild flowers ,herbs & berries. he can stay under water for 10 days minimum. if they stay for the summer they melt. a man named lee michals captured it by accident when he dropped the pokeball in the pond when he was fishing forfeebass. by joseph zera

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