No. 006

Type: Fire/Rock

Cometbun Back

Cometbun's back view

Appearance Edit

Cometbun Sprite

Cometbun's Sprite

Cometbun looks like more or less it's unevolved form, Flarebunny. But, it now has some armored bit on it's head, it can now walk on two legs

and the body and flames are larger. The rock-type is also added on and it's defense raises a lot.

Personality Edit

Cometbun get angry easily and do not like to be disturbed if they are eating. Unlike, Flamebunny and Flarebunny, Cometbun is not timid at all.

Cometbun prefer to be alone. If a Cometbun trespasses in another Cometbun's territory then they will fight.

Evolution Edit