Crocodual and aerodual

Crocodual (top) and Aerodual (bottom) and their shiny versions (right)

Crocodual and Aerodual.

Crocodual, The two-tails pokemonEdit

It is unable of movement above water, due to the fact that it has no arms or legs. It's two tails are strong enough to shatter bone instantly, and propel it through the water at over 120 mph

Ht: 4'0" (when standing)

Wt' 240 lbs

evolves into: Aerodual


Aerodual, The Winged Crocodile pokemonEdit

Like it's pre-evolution crocodual, it has no arms or legs. It's wings are extremely strong, and it's jaws can crush a grown man's entirew skeleton

Ht' 6'5" (when standing)

Wt: 500 lbs

Evolves from: Crocodual

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