Crysine #??? Edit

the Ice Crystal pokemon

  • ice/rock type
  • ability- stone shine
  • exp. at level 100- 1,000,000


  • height- 3'01"
  • weight- 65.0 lbs.
  • pokedex color- white
  • egg group- ground/mineral
  • 21 egg cycles
  • 75 catch rate
  • 50% female, 50% male
  • dex class- uncommon
  • Effort value- 2 attack

Behaivor Edit

Crysine are very protective pokemon, usually living in isolation due to their protectiveness towards their crystals on their tail. They usually only join together to protect the alpha female and/or mate/hunt. They live alone or with their family in small underground burrows dug into the ice. They are usually found in arctic areas.

Habitat Edit

usually found on thick glaciers or snowy areas

Base statsEdit

Crysine base stats

base stats

Attacks Edit

Crysine attacks



Crystlitt-> happiness (baby) Crysine -> 37 Stoatstyl


Crysine sprites



sprites, data, and concept were made by inx

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