• Type: Grass/Ghost
  • Species: Sprout Vine Fakemon
  • Abilities: Gluttony (uses held berries at 50% health), Intimidate (lowers enemy Attack when sent in)
  • Hidden Ability: Harvest (may restore used barries after each turn)
  • Height: 3'9"/1.2m
  • Weight: 26.5lb/12kg
  • Body Style: Serpentine
  • Gender Ratio: 1M/1F


  • Physiology: Cucurvine are long and snake-like creatures. The shriveled remnants of their pre-evolution is their tail. Pairs of broad leaves act like fins; the two closest to its head are the largest. They have short, fierce blue heads with sharp jaws and spiny hairs.
  • Gender Differences: Females have a star-shaped yellow flower on their neck.
  • Special Abilities: Cucurvine can move somewhat by moving like snakes.
  • Behavior: They are very defensive, as well as somewhat carnivorous.
  • Habitat: Cucurvine live in grasslands, planted where they evolved.

Fakedex EntriesEdit

  • Fakedex Entry 1: Wherever it evolved, it plants itself into the ground. It fiercely defends this spot with its life.
  • Fakedex Entry 2: It usually uses photosynthesis to obtain nutrients, but it's not picky about using what comes close as food.
  • Fakedex Entry 3: They can be vicious when it comes to defending the spot where they are planted. Sometimes, they move and travel to new planting spots.


  • Base stats:
  • HP: 125
  • Attack: 60
  • Defense: 110
  • Sp. Attack: 20
  • Sp. Defense: 20
  • Speed: 45
  • Total: 380
  • EV Yield: 1 HP/1 DEF


  • Evolution: Cucurvine evolves from Pepita at level 20, and into Pepight when a Leaf Stone is used on it.
  • Name Origins: "Cucurbita" + "vine"
  • Physical Origins: Cucurvine is based on a sprouting pumpkin plant and its vine.
  • Shiny color: Yellow and lavender

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