Pokedex Entry: Doessico, the Pure Pokemon. It will protect its children at all costs, and lives in the most untouched of places.

Doessico is the evolved form of Fauntler. It is a tall, rather slender doe, with larger white streaks than Fauntler, which continue along either side of its two horns, which now sweep back and up from its head. It is absolutely pure, and inhabits only places free of pollution and strife. If it senses any evil, it shall flee. It is a Fighting Type Pokemon, and its name is a portmanteau of the words Doe and Ossicone, which is the name for the small horns which giraffes and such have.


28: Iron Head

32: Brick Break

36: Rollout

43: Giga Impact

Evolution Line: Fauntler Lvl. 14---> Doessico Lvl. 34---> Sivantlor