Elloth #???Edit

sphinx moth pokemon

  • Bug/Flying type
  • Hight:3'09"
  • Weight:71.2 lbs.
  • pokedex color: red (though brown-ish)
  • exp. at level 100: 1,000,000
  • Body style: flying
  • catch rate: 42
  • ability: shield dust
  • gender ratio: 50/50
  • egg group: bug
  • egg cycles: 21(5355 steps)
  • Ev yield: 3 SP.
  • gender differences: none
  • pokedex class: uncommon
  • pokedex location class: forest pokemon

Behavior Edit

Elloths live and hunt in small packs and fly over the forests at night in search of food. They are not nocturnal, but avoid coming out too much in the day to prevent being caught. They are highly intelligent and have the brain of a teenage child; which, at times, can come in handy.

Habitat Edit

usually found in dark forests or in small dark areas. Sometimes found in dark islands off sunny beaches; due to the abundance of clams that can be found.

Base Stats Edit

will come later

Attacks Edit

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Sprites Edit

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Lisencing Edit

this pokemon and its sprites belong to -inx