Fairboxia is a bipedal mammalian Fakemon with a rounded head and eyes with big pupils. It has a pink muzzle with a small nose. Its ears vaguely look like spirals and stand more than Fairinox's. It stands tall with its long body with two very tall legs. Its collar is much bigger and is now white. It has arms the exact same length as its legs. It now has small pink wings on its body and its tail is even bigger than its ears, which have the same length as Fairinox's tail did.

Entry 1: It practices flying with its wings regardless of them being proven to be unsuitable for flight yet. It could take this Fakemon years to finally declare its wings won't fly. Entry 2: It practices healing and fighting because it will evolve one day to do one of them. It dislikes its training because it has to hurt such small Fakemon.

Type: Fairy

Evolution: Fairinox 》 15=Fairboxia 》 30=Fairiabox OR 》 30 w/ Fighting Move=Fablox

Abilities: Run Away, Adaptability, Anticipation (HA)

Moveset: 22: Draining Kiss, Mist 25: Mirror Coat 29: Sing, Sweet Kiss (none until evolution)

Origin: Fairboxia is based off of a fairy and a fox regardless of standing on two legs. Its ears and wings are in the shape of pixie dust--spirals. Name Origin: Fairboxia is the combination of fairy, fox, and -ia which is a common term used when referring to females. The f in fox is replaced with a b to sound more syntactically correct.

License thingy: Made by LatiasRed

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