Fairinox is a small mammalian Fakemon. It has a rounded head with a pink muzzle and a small nose. Its ears vaguely look like spirals. It has a body that is longer than the head but not much bigger. It has a pink collar used for taking hits. Fairinox has short and chubby legs and a tail that looks the same as the ears yet bigger. Its eyes have large pupils.

Entry 1: Its nose is used for sniffing everything. It 'senses' the smell of evil and runs when it happens Entry 2: It has a thick collar to take hits with. Because this collar doesn't take too many of them, this Fakemon flees from almost every battle it runs into.

Type: Normal Evolution: Fairinox 》15= Fairboxia 》30 =Fairiabox OR 》 30 and a Fighting Type move=Fablox

Moveset 1: Tackle, Fairy Wind 3: Growl 6: Take Down 12: Quick Attack 15: Reversal 16: Draining Kiss 20: Agility, Aerial Ace (no other moves until evolution)

Abilities: Run Away, Adaptability, Anticipation (HA)

Origin: Fairinox is based off of fairies and foxes. Its ears have the same shape as pixie dust--spirals. Name Origin: Fairinox is the combinatiom of fairi, a corruption of fairy, and fox with am added n to sound syntactically correct. (It won't let me add a picture)

License thingy: Made by LatiasRed

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