Faunori Pictures

Faunori Official Picture

Faunori is a zebra-like poke'mon that is covered in pastel colored parkings. It evolves into Spectrelk at level 36 and is often reffered to as the colorful poke'mon.

They are very timid, and thier markings help them blend into the rest of the herd so that it's hard to spot individuals. These factors make faunori hard to catch. The gray in it's fur lightens as it ages and evolves into Spectrelk.

Moveset Edit

Lv Move
Basic Growl
Basic Tackle
7 Tail Whip
11 Bide
16 Take Down
19 Agility
25 Stomp
27 Camouflage
33 Bounce
39 Headbutt
40 Magic Coat
44 Extrasensory

Other Info Edit

Height: 2'09"

Weight: 46.4 lbs

Gender Ratio: 50/50

Ability: Run Away

Evolution Line Edit

Faunori --> Spectrelk