Pokedex Entry: Fauntler, the Innocent Pokemon. These Pokemon lack the defense of their evolved forms, and rely on their unfailing appeal to keep them safe.

Fauntler are small deer Pokemon, with short legs, which are always partly bent to support its form. It has dark brown fur with two white streaks traveling up its sides and neck, culminating in two tufts where its horns will grow. It has a short face and a slightly large muzzle, and large eyes. It is completely innocent, and is attracted to those who are onnocent as well. Any evil is capable of badly harming it. It is a normal type Pokemon, and its name is a portmanteau of the words Fawn and Antler.


1: Scratch

4: Charm

6: Headbutt

11: Body slam

23: Iron Head

Evolution Line: Fauntler Lvl. 14---> Doessico Lvl. 34---> Sivantlor