Pokedex Entry: Feathroa, the Mystic Serpent Pokemon. It is found in sparsely wooded areas, often in mountain climates, and is able to ward off forest fires and the like.

Feathroa is the female evolution of Oricoil. It floats in the air, and commonly twists and turns its body. It is a sinuous, pink serpent with smooth feathers lining its body, and a long face, rather like a beak made of skin. It is a Psychic-type Pokemon.


21: Meditate

29: Psybeam

31: Hypnosis

34: Dream Eater

43: Mirror Move

49: Psychic

54: Cosmic Power

Evolution Line: Oricoil Lvl. 21 Male---> Serplethora Oricoil Lvl. 21 Female---> Feathroa