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Galeon Edit

Images soon.


Classification: Gale Wind Pokemon Type: Flying

Dex Classification: Field Gender Ratio: 87.5 male, 12.5% female

Height: 3' 03" Weight: 59.5 lbs Ability: Tangled Feet Wild Held Item: None

Colour: Blue Found At: Evolve from Eevee

Egg Group: Monster, Ground Egg Steps: 9,180

Effort Points: 2 Speed

Catch Rate: 45


The wings that act as its ears can also grow larger to allow Galeon to fly. If it flies too long, the area Galeonis currently over will be attacked by a cyclone/hurricane/etc.


Coming Soon

Evolution LineEdit

Eevee- Vaporeon (Water Stone)/Jolteon (Thunderstone)/Flareon(Fire Stone)/Espeon(Happy Day)/Umbreon(Happy Night)/Leafeon(Forest)/Glaceon(Snow)/Galeon (Trade with White Wing held)/Mysteon(Trade with Dragon Scale held)/Haunteon(Trade with Cleanse Tag held)


Galeon was created, sprited, and drawn by LilizelfAzelf. Metiron is also owned by LilizelfAzelf.

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