Grizzill is a Fakemon. It's name is a mixture between "Grizzly" and "Drill".


  • Type: Ground/Dark
  • Species: Drilling Pokemon
  • Ability: Intimidate or Speed Boost
  • Top four moves: Dig, Cross Chop, Shadow Ball, Fissure
  • Evoloution chain: Doesn't evolve

Pokedex informationEdit

  • When digging for food, a Grizzill will sense it with the red orb on it's head.
  • Grizzill can extract the drills and turn them into cannons for moves like Shadow Ball and Zap Cannon.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon quotesEdit

  • 100-51 HP: "I feel GREAT! I could dig through a brick wall!"
  • 50-25 HP: "What? How is my HP down by half?"
  • 24-10 HP: "Is it just me or is it getting heavier in here?"
  • 9-0 HP: "That's it... I'm done for..."
  • Level up: "Yeah! Level up! Who the bear? I the bear!"

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