This is a fan-made fakemon legendary. It is not actually approved to be a legendary in Project Hiatu.Edit

[edit] Info (Sprites soon)Edit

Info Classification: Icicle Cat Pokemon Type: Ice Dex Classification: Rare Gender Ratio: Genderless Height: 2'12" Weight: 58.3 lbs Ability: Hail

Wild Held Item: None Colour: Black Found At: Legendary, Snow Caverns Egg Group: No Eggs Egg Steps: 30,720

Effort Points: 4 Sp.Def

Catch Rate: 3

[edit] DataEdit

Iciclitty is part of a legendary trio of weak elements; related to fire, ice and lightning, the trio that Iciclitty is part of is embers, icicles and sparks. Iciclitty has the ability to melt any icicles in the known universe just by thinking "Melt" and the location for melting. This ability has caused some small flash floods.


Coming Soon.

[edit] Evolution LineEdit


[edit] LicenseEdit

Iciclitty was created, sprited and drawn by LilizelfAzelf. Iciclitty is also owned by LilizelfAzelf.

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