Jacaloep #???Edit

Jackalope pokemon

  • ground type
  • Hight:1'00"
  • Weight:15.0 lbs.
  • pokedex color: brown
  • exp. at level 100: 1,000,000
  • Body style: quadruped
  • catch rate: 45
  • ability: sand veil
  • gender ratio: 87.5/12.5
  • egg group: ground
  • egg cycles: 16 (4080 steps)
  • Ev yield: 1 AT
  • gender differences: none
  • pokedex class: rare
  • pokedex location class: desert pokemon

Behaivor Edit

Jacaloep are very rare pokemon that are usually found in desert areas. They live in underground communities- but can be found living above ground in oasis-es. The were once hunted for their light but soft fur- and for there premature horns- that can be made into silverware. They are highly competitive.

Habitat Edit

Usually found in rough desert terrain.

Base statsEdit


Attacks Edit







sprites, data, and concept were made by -inx

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