Pokedex Entry: Jetream, the Vortex Pokemon. If enough water is swirled into the streams on their flippers, they can become enormous, and a potential danger, as they don't know their own strength.

Jetream is a deep sea pokemon, which comes to the surface once every 7 hours, to breathe. It resembles a manatee with slightly more seperated back fins, and front ones which are longer and made of swirling water. Wherever it goes, it leaves flurries of bubbles, and whirlpools. It is a Water type, and its name is a portmanteau of the words Jet and Stream.


1: Headbutt

4: Water Gun

5: Tackle

13: Take Down

16: Bubblebeam

28: Water Pulse

34: Whirlpool

41: Ice Beam

49: Hydro Pump