Joker is a Dark and light-type Fakemon.


Joker is a Fakemon who resembles an human with a black and white joker mask, Its left eye is black, while the right is white . Joker is what Darkhalf and Lighthalf used to be years ago.

Gender differencesEdit

Male Joker have a cut on the masks while the female does not.

Special abilitiesEdit

Joker have mostly dark and light-type moves. Their mask also grow a little more powerful every time DarkHalf levels up.


Joker are dark and light Fakemon. They are likely to fight in the wild, mostly looking to fight powerful Fakemons . When not fighting in the wild it will rush to save others in need.


Joker are seen moving form churchs to gaves.


Joker don't need to eat.


This fakemon has been made by Enuj


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