Pokedex Entry: Kangarvish, the Dust Devil Pokemon. Often thought to be relatives of Kangaskhan, these pokemon travel in small packs, and are rarely killed, because of the sandstorms that hide them, and their massive size.

Kangarvish is a Ground/Fighting type. It is a large gray-brown kangaroo with a whirling dust storm in place of its lower body. It is ten feet tall, and can propel itself at incredible speeds, and stay constantly at heights of up to four feet. Wherever it goes, it causes dust devils. It has very few predators, only being hunted by pack of Pokemon, with the exception of Dragoyle, which are its only common predators. Its name is a portmanteau of the words kangaroo and dervish.


1: Scratch

5: Sand Attack

11: Double Kick

14: Seismic Throw

16: Sandstorm

23: Headbutt

29: Arm Thrust

36: Earthquake

54: Dynamic Punch