Light brown fur-looks dark and luminiscent in the night(Knighte is a pun of night) Is very menacing and ruthless-will take whatever it can find. Has steel claws that can crush almost anything.  It is said to be the embodiment of greediness.


This is a very rare Pokemon-almost all of them were exterminated centuries ago due to their ruthlessness. Ocassionally, one comes out and steals whatever it can find. There are many support groups for this Pokemon saying it only steals items because it needs too.


Evolves into Darke at Level 51 with a King`s Rock attached.


Lives in dark mountains high above the mainland- only appears at night.


It is Dark-Steel.


Move Type Level Learned
Slash Normal 1
Leer Normal 5
Luminate Light 8
Hone Claws Dark 12
Flash Normal 15
Night Slash Dark 21
Mega Drain Grass 26
Sludge Bomb Poison 30
Nasty Plot Dark 36
Forget-me-not Dark 42
Dark Wind Dark 47

Base StatsEdit

Attack Defense
132 98
Special Attack Special Defense
126 113
Speed HP


Total 660

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