Larvinx #???Edit

sphinx moth pokemon

  • Bug type
  • Hight:1'02"
  • Weight:8.3 lbs.
  • pokedex color: grey
  • exp. at level 100: 1,000,000


  • Body style: worm/legless
  • catch rate: 245
  • ability: shield dust
  • gender ratio: 50/50
  • egg group: bug
  • egg cycles: 16 (4080 steps)
  • Ev yield: 1 HP
  • gender differences: none
  • pokedex class: common
  • pokedex location class: forest pokemon

Behavior Edit

Larvinx live in large colonies in forests, living on rotting leaves and fruit. The large part of their tail stores the energy needed for evolution. They are the rarest type of caterpillar pokemon to date. They are common prey for Taillows.

Habitat Edit

usually found in dark forests or in small dark areas. Have been found in normal patches of grass before, though.

Base Stats Edit

Larvinex stats

Attacks Edit

Larvinex attacks


Sprites Edit

Larvinx sprites

larvinx sprites dppt style

Lisencing Edit

this pokemon and it's sprites belong to -inx