Pokedex entryEdit


the two forms of Leoravemale on the left, female on the right

Leorave: the Rave lion pokemon

Leoraves will climb up tall skyscrapers and roar during the night, striking fear into the people below. They often live in large packs, along with their young Cubraves, with one male as their leader.
Height: 3' 11"
Weight: 350 lbs male, 250 lbs female
Type: Dark
Ability: Lion's Pride
each attack landed raises attack
Ability: Wild roar
Attack and special attack lowering moves have no effect

Male/Female ratio: 50/50
Evolves from : Cubrave


Start Scratch 15 pp
Start Tail whip 20 pp
Start Shadow claw 15 pp
Start Bite 20 pp
Lv 23 Roar 10 pp
lv 37 Terror scream 10 pp
lv 44 faint attack 15 pp
lv 44 pursuit 20 pp
lv 67 Dark pulse 10 pp
lv 70 pounce 25 pp
lv 77 Fracture 5 pp
lv 78 Ultima 5 pp
lv 79 Dual Slash 10 pp
Lv 89 Fate 5 pp
Lv 99 Shadow force 10 pp

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