LizzPak and Shiny LizzPak Sprites


LizzPak: The Jet Lizard Pokemon Edit

Only catchable after you beat the 3rd gym leader. It is slightly rare compared to DragSpine, but powerful. Only a truly pure-of-heart person can catch one.

LizzPak and Shiny LizzPak

They are gifted with ingenuity like their evolved forms. They express this by making personal jetpacks

Origin Edit

Name comes from lizard (Lizz) and Jetpack (-pak.

Type Edit


Moveset Edit

LV Moves

0 Tackle

3 Fly

11 Areial Ace

19 Close Combat

24 Bullet Punch

27 Mach Punch

33 Mega Punch

38 Rolling Kick

Evolution Edit

Evolves into ReptilPilot at lv 46

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