By POKEZUKOFIRE.No edits unless by admins or by Kitsukitty! METENIX

This is a fan-made fakemon legendary. It is not actually approved to be a legendary in Project Hiatu.


METENIX is a legendary bird fakemon. Its types are Steel/Flying.Although its high vulnerability to Electric-type attacks is a con, it is also at the same time, a pro for those who like a challenge when trying to capture a legendary Pokemon. However, once captured, you have a greater chance at defeating all of the Grass and Fighting gyms.


METENIX's name comes from the words Metal (MET-) and Phionex (-ENIX). It started as a cyborg of a staraptor, but lost all of its robotic parts in an explosion. It grew after the explosion with metal skin. Its metal skin caused it to grow a metal beak and metal talons. This metal is known only as Tiphus. Tiphus can be found on MT.Tiphurios.


0 Screech

0 Tackle

3 Headbutt

7 tail whip

13 Flash cannon

21 Wing attack

35 Fly

46 Steel wing

55 Whirlwind

64 Hyper Beam

78 Areoblast

90 Cut

100 Aura sphere


If this Fakemon is approved, ny suggestion is this: It should be at Level 75 when encountered. I don't care if Kitsukitty doesn't approve any of my Fakemon.

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