Musicote artwork by Umbreon GIrl

Musicote is a normal type fakemon. It evolves into Quavusic at level 15.


Musicote is a basic 1 beat note (a crochet). It Has two light blue eyes althought normally only one can be seen. Musicote is completely flat.


Musicote loves singing, unfortunately it's voice is terrible, bad enough to cause earthquakes. Luckily, there is an upside to this as it keeps predators away. It is quite shy.


Musicote likes living in quiet, remote places like caves, only places where nobody goes often due to it being shy.

General informationEdit


Normal - Musicote2Musicote

Shiny -Musicote2s Musicote-s

Classification: Musical Note Pokemon
Type: Normal
Dex Classification: Rare
Gender Ratio: Genderless
Height: 3'8"
Weight: 32.3 lbs
Ability: Soundproof or Pressure
Wild Held Item: None
Colour: Black
Found At: Mystic Cave
Egg Group: Gender Unknown Group
Egg Steps: 16,200 steps
Effort Points: 2 HP

Name: Music + note = Musicote (moo-si-co-t)

Dex entrysEdit

When first discovered Musicote was thought to be another form of unknown, it was later revealed to be a completely different species.

Musicote's singing is terrible, it can cause an earthquake by singing just one note, due to this it stays in places far away from people.

At first people thought Musicote was a mythical pokemon, until a group was found far away in a magical cave.


  • Uproar - level 1
  • Roar - level 1
  • Tackle - level 4
  • Double Team - level 6
  • Sing - level 11
  • Earthquake - 13
  • Quick attack - level 15
  • Supersonic - level 19
  • Bite - level 25
  • Heal bell - level 28
  • Rest - level 35
  • Snore - level 38
  • Agility - level 40
  • Super Fang - level 45
  • Hyper Voice - level 48


Umbreon Girl,

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