Nordison is a beast pokemon that is invisible. It knows hidden power to start, but can learn EVERY move.

Since Nordison is invisible, it cannot be physically described. However, pokemon research labs are using Mr. Mimes to create barriers that should show its true form, however, progress is slow. Nordison dislikes other pokemon and people.

Nordison learns Thunder at level 55, Giga Drain at level 63, Hydro Pump at level 68, and Psychic at level 73. All other moves must be taught using move tutors and TMs/HMs.

Nordison can be caught at levels 45-53 in one cave, and only if it is weakened very much and affected with a condition. Otherwise it is near impossible to catch as Nordison is invisible.

The only tamed member of this species is one belonging to the research center on Cinnibar Island.

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