Onecycle (on-psy-KER) Edit

Wheel Pokemon

Data No. 1: They look like unicycles, and they are a distant cousin of the UNOWN. They are more powerful than UNOWN because they learn new moves every time.

Data No. 2: ONECYCLE are more powerful to the UNOWN as they can have more skills. Because they evolve, they don' t even look like em' now.

Data No. 3: ONECYCLE look like unicycles, when there are two or more, they evolve.

What is your name? Edit

My name is Onecycle, it came from the words 'one' and 'cycle', which makes me a Wheel Pokemon.

Moves Edit

Onecycle learns only 1 move... and it' s a Tackle.

Levels 0-20 Edit

Lv Moves

0 Tackle

Do I Evolve Edit

I do...

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