• Type: Grass/Ghost
  • Species: Pumpkin Fakemon
  • Abilities: Gluttony (uses held berries at 50% health), Intimidate (lowers enemy Attack when sent in)
  • Hidden Ability: Harvest (may restore used berries after each turn)
  • Height: 3'11/1.2m
  • Weight: 55.1lb/25kg
  • Body Style: Insectoid
  • Gender Ratio: 1M/1F


  • Physiology: Pepight have a body that resembles a pumpkin, with four smaller legs holding up the body. Its head is large and solidly connects to a thick neck, which is wrapped with vines. Its body is covered in small, spiny hairs.
  • Gender Differences: Female Pepight have blue bodies.
  • Special Abilities: They can glow during full moons with face-like patterns. Because they are fully evolved, they can use Hyper Beam and Giga Impact.
  • Behavior: At night, Pepight will appear in crop fields, eating crops. This makes them a nuisance.
  • Habitat: Pepight live in grasslands.

Fakedex EntriesEdit

  • Fakedex Entry 1: They appear in crop fields at night, eating any plant matter they can find. They are difficult to keep away from crops.
  • Fakedex Entry 2: On full moons, its body is said to glow with an imposing face.
  • Fakedex Entry 3: Its thick body, combined with its ghostly nature, makes it difficult to repel from crops.


Base stats:

  • HP: 200
  • Attack: 75
  • Defense: 180
  • Sp. Attack: 30
  • Sp. Defense: 30
  • Speed: 35
  • Total: 550
  • EV Yield: 2 HP/1 DEF


  • Evolution: Pepight evolves from Cucurvine when a Leaf Stone is used on it, which evolves from Pepita at level 20.
  • Name Origins: "pepon" + "fright"
  • Physical Origins: Pepight was based on a dream. It also has features of a pumpkin. Its capability of glowing is a reference to a Jack o' Lantern.
  • Shiny color: Purple skin, off-white body (male)

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