• Type: Grass
  • Species: Pumpkin Seed Fakemon
  • Ability: Overcoat (immune to sandstorm and hail damage)
  • Height: 0'8"/0.2m
  • Weight: 2.2lb/1kg
  • Body Style: head
  • Gender Ratio: 1M/1F


  • Physiology: Pepita resembles a pumpkin seed. A small vine is sprouting out of a crack in its top left side. It has a pattern on its body resembling an angry face. Small blue stripes mark the lower part of the outer segment of its body. Their actual body is inside their seed body; nobody knows what they look like inside, but it's probably like a real-world seed.
  • Gender Differences: None.
  • Special Abilities: Pepita are very hardy Fakemon. Their faces are mainly to scare off predators- mainly herbivores.
  • Behavior: Pepita try to scare off predators with their faces.
  • Habitat: Pepita live in grasslands.

Fakedex EntriesEdit

  • Fakedex Entry 1: It must be sturdy and durable enough to survive the harsh summers of the grasslands it resides in.
  • Fakedex Entry 2: The actual body of a Pepita is within the thick seed. It lives off nutrient stores until rains come.
  • Fakedex Entry 3: Since it can hardly fight, it tries to scare off herbivores with the face on its body.


Base stats:

  • HP: 80
  • Attack: 28
  • Defense: 60
  • Sp. Attack: 18
  • Sp. Defense: 18
  • Speed: 16
  • Total: 220
  • EV Yield: 1 HP


  • Evolution: Pepita evolves into Cucurvine at level 20, then evolves into Pepight when a Leaf Stone is used on it.
  • Name Origins: "pepita"
  • Physical Origins: Pepita is based on a pumpkin seed.
  • Shiny color: Grey

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