plunder and shiny plunder

Plunder: thunder plant poke'mon Edit

plunders live near water in almost every forest in Hiatu. they are rarely seen. thet look like sudowoodo when you find them but istead of getting one wet you have to use cut, rock smash, and defog on one to catch it.

origin Edit

comes from plant (pl) and thunder (under)

Type Edit


Moveset Edit


0 tackle

3 leech seed

6 charge

9 charge beam

12 solarbeam

15 stun spore

18 poison powder

21 razor leaf

24 spark

27 vine whip

30 volt tackle

33 magical leaf

36 thunder

39 iron tail

42 explosion

45 uproar

Evolution Edit

evolves into Thlant at level 45.

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