The Wisp Pokemon

Poniwisp are floating wisps with a vaguely horselike head and short legs. Brief whinnies at night are likely them.

No decided stats or number as of yet.

Type: Normal

Characteristics Edit

Poniwisp are very small, and can be grey or white blue. The top half of their body is vaguely horselike, with a white mane and squinty eyes. However the lower half is kind of a "traditional ghost" body. They like to act as though they're scary, but tend to fail.

Evolution TreeEdit

Evolves into Terraquus at Level 20

Evolves into Aeroquus upon levelup near Air Rock

Evolves into Psyquus upon levelup near Psionic Geode


Poniwisp and its evolutions are based upon the three pony species in MLP:FiM.

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