Psyshark h

a female psyshark in the ocean



type:the light shark pokemon

abilities:levitate/mind control



it is shaped like a dolphin with a fin on its back shaped like a sharks fin.its two flippers hold spoons to enhance its powers.its tail has two diamonds on it with two poisonous barbs with one on each has to nostrils to breath air with when on has to horns on its heads with purple swirly has two long streamerlike arms with pointy edges and two more on the other side with three has a crest on its is pink with blue stripes.

gender differencesEdit

girls are pink with blue stripes.boys are blue with pink stripes.

gender ratio:30 percent boys. 50 percent girls.20 percent genderless.

special abilitiesEdit

it can levitate and control other pokemon and people's has lungs for breathing holds spoons to enhance it has three diamonds on its tail that store light to uses light powers when in the ocean and uses psychic when on can hypnotyze people and pokemon by making it stripes glow and staring at them.


it will usually flee battle even though it is will fight however for its young and it family.they usually live in groups of twenty and sometimes thirty.they are weaker at night than in the daytime.this is probably because it is a light type.during a full moon though all the psysharks gather together to travel to the moon to get more powerful and to level will take its trainer with it if it can and use its power to allow it trainer to breath in outer space and in the will protect its trainer with its life.


it travels to the moon with its kind and absorbs the moon energy. it sometimes takes its trainer with it.with the ability to not breath it can do many can travel through outer space even though there are extreme can breath though and few have been gifted with telepathy.


a normal shark suddenly was exposed to the moons energy and was sucked into the became more powerful every day intil it split in half and made a girl and a boy.there power made the moon explode and they fell into the depths of the ocean. they felt sad because there maker,the moon, had been destroyed.they used there power to make an egg and it hatched.then the three of them went to make the moon again. the new moons power made hundreds of psysharks and they fell to earth to the depths of the ocean to live in peace. they go to the moon to renew its power and there own power and to celebrate life.

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