Pupplush Pic

Pupplush's Official Picture

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Pupplush is a small, plushie-like poke'mon that evolves into Voodog at level 26. It is also known as the pincushion poke'mon.

They have soft, squishy bodies and feel no pain from the neck down. Many trainers take advantage of this and use them as pincushions, though the poor pupplushes really dislike it. They have poor senses and rely completely on thier trainers for survival, even if they don't want to admit it.

Moveset Edit

Lv Move
Basic Uproar
Basic Growl
9 Bide
12 Charm
16 Bite
23 Fake Tears
29 Faint Attack
33 Fallow Me
36 Thief
40 Heal Bell

Other Info Edit

Height: 0'08''

Pupplush's Official Sprite

Weight: 3.4 lbs

Gender Ratio: 50/50

Ability: Cute Charm

Evolution Line Edit

Pupplush --> Voodog