Pus is a special pokemon who looks like Wartortle, but is older, has a magic broom, and a red sign on his head. This is because Pus IS a Wartortle, only with special powers and considered legendary. Pus is not treated homewer as a Pokemon, but as a sage who lives with a community of peoples. Pus' horigins are uncertains. Is a 100% Wartortle, or a legendary sage Pokemon\person? For wiew Pus, must visit Saffron City after win the Pokemon League, enter in Seby s' Villa, and know of every character. You must talk with: Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Milhouse, Rads, Mark, Deli, Seby, Luvdisc, and then Liggie the Wigglytuff. Bart will show you a Pus photo (who take a place as the §§§th Pokemon) and then, Pus should arrived. Pus, in this way is treated more as a character than a Pokemon, since he talks, shows you pictures of rare legendary Pokemon, sells you objects like Magic Brooms or Hiper Brooms (there is one brooms for fully evolved Pokemon, the Magic is for Xatu, the Hiper is for Mewtwo. The broom for Blastoise is named Cannonshell Broom, and is his cheaper price: 1 poke.) and battles you using a lv. 100 Wigglytuff (Liggie) and a lv. 100 Luvdisc (Seby s' Luvdisc). But Liggie and Luvdisc aren't his, but Bart s' Wigglytuff and Seby s' Luvdisc. So, he s' like a trainer trapped in a Pokemon s' body. Some hackers hacks the §§§th pokemon into their teams. If this happens, the game will freeze. So, is preferible to hack only his pokedex entry, who is blank. The only thing of the §§§th who is in the entry is the type: Psychic. This type was chosen as Pus is extremely smart. Yes, Pus is smarter than Alakazam. Pus appears in the PokeSpe manga as one of Misty Mermaid s' Pokemon, as well as one of Blue\Green (Rads' PokeSpe counterpart) s' Pokemon. Pus appears in the anime too, as one of Sabrina s' Pokemon, one of Misty s' Pokemon, a wild pokemon who teached Iris, as well as a legendary in the 15 film. Strangely, in PokeSpe and the Anime, Pus isn't one, but at least two (at least three in the anime, since ins't clear if Iris' master and the 15 film legendary are one and the same). Another strangeity: Pus' broom isn't one of the in-game brooms, but a mix of the Cannonshell Broom, the Sage Broom (Alakazam) and the Enchanted Broom (Gardevoir).

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