Pokedex Entry: Quagaze, the Dual Existence Pokemon. The black and white stripes on its front half represent good and evil spirits, while its brown lower half symbolizes its continuing connection to the Earth.

Quagaze is a pokemon commonly found in desert oases, and remote caves. Its twin eyes are said to have hypnotic and mindreading powers. I is a Quagga with two longer front legs, and a more arched neck. Its eyes are glowing purple. It is a Psychic/Ground type, and its name is a portmanteau of the words Quagga and Gaze.


1: Headbutt

5: Sand Attack

9: Mind Reader

16: Sandstorm

18: Psybeam

25: Hypnosis

27: Confusion

31: Magnitude

41: Psychic

47: Earthquake

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