Quavusic artwork by Umbreon Girl

Quavusic is a normal type pokemon. It evolves from Musicote at level 15


Quavusic is a based on a half beat note (a quaver). It Has two light blue eyes althought normally only one can be seen and is completely flat like it's pre-evoloution.


Musicote loves singing just like its pre-evo. Luckily it sounds much more harmonic, but, if in danger it can revert back to it's terrible voice when foes appear

Special AbilitiesEdit

Musicote gather to sing every summer, this song creates a calming sensation if heared. It can send sound waves to a foe without hearing it at all.


It lives in the louder, deeper parts of Mystic Cave where nobody goes often. It makes its nest in gaps between rocks or holes in the ground.


Quavusic eats tiny, microscopic particles in the air that only itself and other Quavusic can see. Apparently according to myths, once a year the pokemon goes on a rampage and eats anything it sees that isn't another pokemon.

General InformationEdit

Sprites: Quavusicsprite

Classification: Musical Note Pokemon
Type: Normal
Dex Classification: Rare
Gender Ratio: Genderless
Height: 4'6"
Weight: 37.6 lbs
Ability: Soundproof or Levitate
Wild Held Item: None
Colour: Black
Found At: Deep Mystic Cave
Egg Group: Gender Unknown Group
Egg Steps: 16,700 steps
Effort Points: 3 HP

Name: Quaver + Music = Quavusic (Qway-v-oo-sic)


Umbreon Girl created this.Please do not edit unless your kitsukitty.

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