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Info Edit

Height 18"(inches)

Weight 20 lb

Wingspan 1' (feet)

Male beak pointed; Female beak blunt.


Rohawks are metal-skinned Staravias whose evolution, move, and type hormones have been corrupted because the first two Rohawks were Staravias caught in an explosion and were cyborganized. Their organs destroyed the robotic material inside the cyborg parts, leaving only the metal skin. They are basically corrupted hybrids of Staravias.


Male/female rate: 90/10


Evolutions: lv40:Dragorg----------->lv60: Dragorg if not already/if Dragorg, this is Serpebot

Moveset Edit

level move
0 tackle
0 growl
4 steel wing
8 Fury swipes
15 Fury attack
25 supersonic
30 dragon pulse
40 dragon claw
50 Whirlwind
56 Dragon rush
68 metal sound
77 Hyper beam
86 extremespeed
94 Dragon rage
TM Hidden power
TM Secret power
TM Double edge
TM Substitute
TM Flamethrower
TM Roar
TM Tri attack
TM Aireal ace
TM Flash cannon
HM Fly
Move teacher Draco meteor