Pokedex Entry: Roostrice, the Baleful Pokemon. These Pokemon leave their homes on rare occasions, and if one takes a grazing cattle, then within a month it will destroy the farm.

Roostrice is the final evolved form of Chirimst, and is an evil Pokemon. It resembles a long, low rooster with a puffed up body and ruffled, dirty feathers, a vicious beak and eyes, large wings, and a long reptilian tail. Its legs are scaly as well. It is a large pokemon, and will eat and destroy anything it finds. It is a Pokemon so deadly, it is said that it is impossible to domesticate it once it has evolved. It is a Fire/Poison type, and its name is a portmanteau of the words Rooster and Cockatrice.


44: Acid

49: Toxic

53: Fire Blast

58: Outrage

65: Giga Impact

Evolution Line: Chirimst Lvl. 17---> Serphen Lvl. 42---> Roostrice