Pokedex Entry: Serphen, the Sinister Pokemon. Sometimes called "the foxes' fox", these Pokemon are known well to hunt and eat most forms of farm animal, except for livestock.

Serphen are the evolved form of Chirimst. They appear as a chicken, bent low to the ground, with a longer body and sharper claws than usual, and a growing reptilian tail, surrounded by feathers. Their wings are useless. They are the bane of every farmer, and considered by many too dangerous to try and stop. They are a Fire type, and their name is a portmanteau of the words Serpent and Hen.


24: Iron Head

32: Flame Wheel

37: Flamethrower

48: Fire Blast

51: Giga Impact

Evolution Line: Chirimst Lvl. 17---> Serphen Lvl. 42---> Roostrice