Pokedex Entry: Sivantlor, the Guardian Pokemon. It lives in hidden forest groves and keeps unwanted creatures away.

Sivantlor is the final form of Fauntler. It is a large, moose or buffalo like creature with black fur, with golden stripes and horns. It has a pair of horns extending from the sides of it head, a pair of antlers going back from its head, and two ossicones over its eyes. If it senses any evil presence, it will seek it out to destroy it. It is a Fighting Type, and its name is a portmanteau of the words Shiva (Lord of beasts and part of the name of an ancient giraffe), Antler, and Lord.


41: Rollout

49: Earthquake

57: Giga Impact

68: Fissure

Evolution Line: Fauntler Lvl. 14---> Doessico Lvl. 34---> Sivantlor