Pokemon for hiatu wiki
This pokemon is called skydrobeam and it is a has the power of being the pokemon of the water. It has lived for many years and is the victory water pokemon.

COLOR AND LOOKS : First with the color . It has a really nice blue and it has some really nice looks and a bit of black. Now moving onto the looks. It has a spiky tail that has a rasor on it. it has got spikes on its head and it has twelve legs.

where you meet it . you meet the pokemon in the sea of jewels.

it is a roming pokemonso dont use you master ball on any other pokemon unless youhave a action replay. It is a rare pokemon so dont kill it and make sure you are in the right condition to catch it you have to be in a rainy spot other wise you have bukles chans of cathing it.

It has an small amunt of waght and a really strong defence and it is a water and elitric type.

its stats are.


atk:125. you are likly to meet it at level 50 and the moves it has are hydropump, volt takle,

SpAtk:143. thunder and water gun. other moves it lerans when it levelsup.65transform 70 rasor shell SpDef:140. 83ice beam 91 iorn tail and it lerans at level 100 blizzard next pokemonis going to be

spe:125 utios.

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