Starbu in star form Can turn into jewel form

Starbu is a newly discovered pokemon. It is Space type (which is a type that is little known about)

Default Attacks:

Meteor mash

Star beam

Sucker punch

Level moves:

at level 10: Attack fusion

at level 25: Supersonic blast

Level 30: Megatackle

Level 50: Galaxy beam

Level 70: Triple slap

Level 100: Roar of time

Starbu is not known to evolve from or into any fakemon.

Name comes from: star bunny

Ability: Mind control

Effect of ability: In Ds games it will not be banned in the battle frontier.

Starbu seems to resemble a dog. It could also resemble a bunny. (due to it's name.)

Pokedex entryEdit

STARBU gather when there is a predator nearby, or if a meteorite is about to hit. They then use teamwork to destroy the meteorite/predator

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