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Sugursa are small, hamster-like poke'mon. Thier name comes from thier relation to bears and thier candy corn patterned fur. It is known as the candy mouse
Sugursa Picture

Sugursa's Official Art


These cute poke'mon are often kept as house hold pets, though they tend to be mischeveous and pull pranks on thier owners. They have very sensitive tastebuds and will only eat sweet things, to the dismay of thier trainers. Despite thier cute look, they become dangerous when backed into a corner.

Moveset Edit

Lv Move
Basic Tail whip
Basic Tackle
8 Fury Swipes
15 Flail
22 Double Slap
29 Endure
38 Headbutt
47 Sweet Kiss
49 Heal Bell
67 Wish

Other Info Edit

Height: 1'00"

Sugursa's Official Sprites

Weight: 13.0 lbs

Gender Ratio: 70.4% Female, 29.6%Male

Ability: Cute Charm

Evolution Line Edit

Sadly, Sugursa does not evolve and has no pre evolution.