The three Sole starters, Foxtry, Aquateel, and Flameion

Foxtry,Flameion,and Aquateel, the starters from Sm and Ln (my games thank you very much!

NOTE: These AREN'T, I repeat, AREN'T the starters for Project hiatu! these are for my own hack game, coming whenever I feel like it. Please don't mistake them for the REAL starters of project Hiatu. Please.

The starters and their pokedex entriesEdit

Foxtry, The Leaf fox pokemon

Despite being very small and lithe, a bite from a Foxtry could shatter bone.


Wt:12 lbs

Flameion, The Flaming lion pokemon

It's mane depicts it's feelings. When angry, It's mane glows a bright blue.

Ht: 1'11"

Wt: 23 lbs

Aquateel, The Aqua wolf pokemon

Aquateel have been seen swimming in lakes, herding the fish away from trouble.

Ht: 2'0"

Wt: 30 lbs

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