• Type: Dark/Bug
  • Species: Nightmare Arachnid Fakemon
  • Ability: Rivalry (Deals extra damage to opponents of the same gender)
  • Height: 1'04"
  • Weight: 54.6 lb
  • Body Style: Insectoid
  • Gender Ratio: 1M/1F


  • Physiology: Tuskkion has a bulky, scorpion-like body with a short tail and two-pronged stinger on its end. Its legs are surprisingly long. Its head has two large tusks as well as strong mandibles.
  • Gender Differences: A female's tusks are larger. Her tail is longer, her stingers are much larger than the male's, and she is bulkier.
  • Special Abilities: Their stingers have a power which can turn any egg into a Tuskkion egg. Unlike other Nightmare Beasts, they can reproduce- in a bizarre, parasitic fashion, though.
  • Behavior: They are attracted to Eggs; the presence of one is enough to cause any Tuskkions nearby to try and stab the egg with their stingers. The males also fiercely battle other males.
  • Habitat: Tuskkion inhabit the Realm of Impossibility.

Fakedex EntriesEdit

  • Fakedex Entry 1: It was formed from the Realm of Impossibility. One stab from its stingers can spread a corruption through the foe's body.
  • Fakedex Entry 2: It has a mysterious attraction to eggs. However, it can corrupt the egg's contents into more Tuskkion if it stabs the egg with its stinger.
  • Fakedex Entry 3: While females are often in search of eggs, males often spar with each other for no particular reason.


Base stats:

  • HP: 85
  • Attack: 85
  • Defense: 85
  • Sp. Attack: 40
  • Sp. Defense: 85
  • Speed: 40
  • Total: 420

EV Yield: 1 ATK


  • Evolution: Tuskkion evolves into Scorpodon with high friendship at night.
  • Name Origins: "Tusk" + "Scorpion"
  • Physical Origins: Tuskkion was based on a dream. It obviously shares appearances from an elephant and a scorpion.
  • Shiny color: Red

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