Twincycle (Twin-psy-KER) Edit

Bicycle Pokemon


Data: They look so much like bicycles, as they evolve from strange unicycles!

What is your name? Edit

My name is Twincycle! It came from the words 'twin' and 'cycle'. Hey have you wonder why we are Bicycle Pokemon?

Moves Edit

Twincycle learns new moves!

Levels 0-20 Edit

Lv Moves

0 Tackle

evo Hidden Power

Levels 21-50 Edit

Lv Moves

22 Confusion

25 Heart' s Eye/ Mind Reader!!!

Do I Evolve Edit

Yes, I evolve into the third, 'cause I am the second!

(This fakemon is made by VTWUNT PLEASE do not change anything only Kitsukitty edits Thank you)

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