Utahnyu shiny and regular

Utahnyu Regular and Shiny

Pokemon: Utahnyu

"The siren Pokemon"

Pokedex: Known to lead unsuspecting people and pokemon astray with its beautiful song.

Type: Water/Psychic

Rarity: Rare

Abilities: Water Absorb and Hydration

Evolutions: None

Height: 3' 5"

Weight: 73.6 lbs


Move | Lv.

Bubble | egg

Tail Whip | egg

Quick Attack | egg

Water gun | 9

Aqua ring | 15

Aqua Jet | 23

Calm Mind | 27

Aurora Beam | 36

Avalanche | 43

Parish Song | 50

Hydro Cannon| 55

Rain Dance | 60

Sheer Cold | 70

Name Origin: 'Uta', japanese for 'sing', and 'nyu', one of the many ways to describe what a cat says, since it is modeled off of a cat.

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