utios is a very rare pokemon. it is not an legendary but it is like catching a level 64 ditto in dimond version and as hard to find a ditto. if you get its egg from the mountain of jewles it will take 94679.000000 for it to hatch. when you level it up you will have to let it know these moves

  • level one it will lern
  • 1 transform
  • 1 outrage
  • 1 hyper beam
  • 6 dragon rage
  • 11 mimic
  • 21 flame charge
  • 39 final gumbat
  • 46 flarblits
  • 59 focus punch
  • 70 roar of time
  • 81 giga impact
  • 100 ancient power

it is alould to be caught and it has hi staghts to

  • attack 310
  • defense 400
  • sp. atk 294
  • sp. def 420
  • speed 300

it is a secret pokemon and rarer then ditto it is caght in route 345 and is a gendrless pokemon.

it looks like a dragon type becuse it is and purple in some spottes as you can see and black and grey and read to make it look good .

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