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Voodog is a canine-like poke'mon that evolves from pupplush at level 26. It is also known as the voodoo poke'mon.
Voodog Pic

Voodog's Official Picture

They tend to be sadistic because of the 'torture' they recieved as pupplushies. Some trainers use them as guard dogs, and they can be very loyal. Don't tell one that, though. Thier senses have improved greatly since they evolved, but they still depend on their trainers for companionship. Like wolves, a voodogwouldn't likely survive without alone in the wild.

Moveset Edit

Lv Move
Basic Uproar
Basic Growl
11 Bide
13 Charm
16 Bite
20 Fake Tears
24 Faint Attack
29 Fallow Me
34 Thief
40 Heal Bell
45 Crunch
50 Grudge
56 Pain Split

More Info Edit

Height: 2' 08"

Weight: 57.3 lbs

Gender Rate: 50/50

Ability: Intimidate

Evolution Line Edit

Pupplush --> Voodog